After a record-high start to the holiday season, prepare for 'winter-weather mode' in the Inland Northwest

<p><p>Prepare for winter weather starting this weekend after the Inland Northwest experienced record-breaking high temperatures earlier this week, forecasters say.</p></p><p><p>Laurie Nisbet, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Spokane, said a small weather system might produce light snow Saturday morning in the Spokane area.</p></p><p><p>Don’t anticipate snow to fall downtown, Nisbet said, but the West Plains could see one-half inch, Deer Park might get 1 inch, Colville 2 inches and North Idaho, such as Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint, could see 3 inches.</p></p><p><p>Any morning snow in the Spokane area should melt off in the afternoon, with a high temperature of 42.</p></p><p><p>Highs will be in the low- to mid-30s Sunday through Tuesday, and lows will dip into the mid-20s and even down to 17 Monday night, according to the National Weather Service.</p></p><p><p>Nisbet said the region will get a break from precipitation Saturday night and Sunday before snow hits almost all of Eastern Washington and North Idaho Monday.</p></p><p><p>“It’s a little bit of a bigger deal just because it’s the first real snow for a lot of places this season, and it’s coming during the morning commute,” Nisbet said.</p></p><p><p>Nisbet said Spokane and Coeur d’Alene could receive 2 to 4 inches, and Pullman could see upward of 5 inches Monday. The snowy weather could even extend to Lewiston, she said.</p></p><p><p>She recommended leaving for work a few minutes early and getting up earlier to blow or shovel snow.</p></p><p><p>“You need to start getting in the mindset of winter weather,” Nisbet said.</p></p><p><p>After another break Monday night and Tuesday, a system is expected to produce snow Wednesday. Nisbet said people should expect to see light rounds of snow continue to fall late next week and into next weekend.</p></p><p><p>“We will be in winter-weather mode,” she said.</p></p>