ATF agent shot during operation at Motel 6 in West Spokane

<p><p>An ATF agent was shot Friday during an operation at the Motel 6 parking lot off the Sunset Highway west of downtown Spokane.</p></p><p><p>The federal agent was rushed to the hospital along with a suspect who was shot in the violent confrontation, Spokane police Chief Craig Meidl said.</p></p><p><p>Two other suspects fled the scene, touching off a massive regionwide search by multiple policing agencies.</p></p><p><p>Police cordoned off the area surrounding the motel, which is on the 1500 block of South Rustle Street.</p></p><p><p>“ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s Office have no comment on this matter at this time. The statement Chief Meidl gave is going to be the only information we will be releasing at this time,” said David Herzog, Assistant U.S. Attorney for Eastern Washington, who spoke on behalf of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.</p></p><p><p>Herzog said he couldn’t comment on the condition of the agent or the suspect.</p></p><p><p><span class=”print_trim”><em>This story is developing and will be updated.</em></span></p></p>