Idaho man charged in 2 killings waives preliminary hearing

<p><p>Associated Press</p></p><p><p>LEWISTON – An Idaho man facing two murder charges waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, which means the case will automatically move forward in court.</p></p><p><p>Prosecutors have accused Richard Ross, 56, of killing 76-year-old Edwina “Eddy” Devin at her Grangeville home on Sept. 30 and then killing her 57-year-old son, Michael Devin, early the next morning in Lewiston.</p></p><p><p>Ross has not yet entered a plea, but is scheduled to be arraigned on the felony charges next week.</p></p><p><p>“At this point he is going to let the process work itself out,” Ross’ defense attorney, Gregory Rauch, said Thursday.</p></p><p><p>As Wednesday’s preliminary hearing was set to begin, Nez Perce County Prosecutor Justin Coleman said he planned to call up to nine witnesses to the stand in an attempt to show the judge the case should move forward in court, t<a href=””>he Lewiston Tribune</a> reported. But the hearing was delayed while Ross met with his attorney for about 20 minutes. Then the pair told the court Ross wished to waive the hearing.</p></p><p><p>Ross had earlier been scheduled to undergo an evaluation at the request of his attorneys to determine if he is competent enough to assist in his own defense. However, Ross declined to take part in the evaluation.</p></p><p><p>Chief Deputy Criminal Prosecutor April Smith told the court last month that Ross is also the lead suspect in a cold case that happened roughly 27 years ago.</p></p><p><p>Bruce and Lynn Peeples were strangled to death at their Grangeville home in 1994. Ross has not been charged in that case, but the investigation into the deaths has been reopened.</p></p>